e-permits and SafeContractor – Where 2+2 becomes 5

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The Alcumus e-permits safety management solution

In our last post we covered the full safety management solution that has become a reality following the acquisition of Banyard Solutions by Alcumus.

Alcumus e-permits safety management solution

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The last post covered each of the components of the solution and how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In this and future posts we will look at how individual components can be used together to deliver incremental benefits over and above their separate deployments.

Let’s start with SafeContractor and e-permits.

SafeContractor provides businesses with access to a compliant supply chain wherever the business is located in the UK. ‘Compliant’ meaning health and safety compliant, CSR verified, insured and competent to do the required work.

Many UK businesses have been caught out by disrupted supply chains as many suppliers have been operating below capacity, while others have been overrun with demand due to common needs as businesses go through their reactivation protocols.

SafeContractor delivers both planned support to avoid such disruption as well as reactive support to those businesses where supply chain disruption has already occurred. Both require access to a much wider and deeper supply chain without increasing risk to the business.

The following screenshot illustrates the powerful search capability of SafeContractor to drill down to those contractors who:

  • have the competencies to do the required work
  • are SafeContractor Accredited
  • satisfy the CSR requirements of the business (for example, the financial status of contractors)
  • meet insurance requirements, as well as…
  • enabling selection of contractors based on size and location (thereby increasing social value and social impact through the selection of local businesses)
SafeContractor Screenshot

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This is all occurring at the company (contractor) level. It tells you that that contractor has the competencies to do specific work, but what about the individual selected to do the work?

That’s where e-permits comes in. e-permits is a work authorisation and permit-to-work system. In ensuring that the right people, with the right skills, work to the right method statement, in the right place, at the right time, e-permits extends the compliance checking of SafeContractor to the job at hand. Only individuals with the correct and current competencies will be able to conduct the work, and risk is further mitigated by, for example, the management of site inductions and use of PPE.

You can read more about how e-permits delivers contractor compliance here, or watch a demo of the system here.

The benefits of using SafeContractor and e-permits in tandem are broadly twofold – an increase in safety outcomes coupled with an increase in business efficiency through time savings and increased management information.

Time savings from the auto-population of manual e-permits fields. Improved management information from access to SafeContractor information in e-permits delivering visibility of contractor status to Requestors and APs. Improved safety from, for example, preventing unaccredited contractors from working on site, and preventing unaccredited contractors from undertaking hazardous work.

There are many more enablers of increased business efficiency and safety performance accruing from an integrated deployment of SafeContractor and e-permits. Whether you’re a user of neither or one of the products please contact us here to discuss how together they can help you manage supply chain disruption while improving safety performance and business efficiency.

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