e-permits - preventing avoidable incidents


  • Improve your management control
  • Reduce your risks
  • Reduce your costs
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  • See who is benefiting
  • from using our electronic
  • permit-to-work system 'e-permits'
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  • BIFM - Finalist
  • Health and Safety Awards - Winner
  • H&V News Awards - Winner
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WHAT IS e-permits?

e-permits is the electronic permit to work software and work authorisation system that breathes life into your existing paper process, delivering control of contractors and reduced risks.

e-permits helps you ensure that the...

  • right people, with the
  • right skills, work to the
  • right method statement, in the
  • right place, at the
  • right time

e-permits can emulate whatever regime you currently use to control work in your environment, so you retain familiar processes and get the benefits without change or compromise.

The organisations below operate e-permits in very different industries, geographies, size of portfolios and face very different risks and degrees of regulation – but all recognise the value e-permits brings to them.

Webinar: Overcoming Barriers when Replacing Paper with Electronic Systems

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