Canary Wharf

e-permits finds a natural home in Canary Wharf having been conceived there in 2002 during a major construction project. Since 2006 the Canary Wharf management team have continually extended the scope of their own e-permits project until it covers contractor activity across almost the entire estate.

The first appearance of e-permits was in 40 Bank Street, a multi-tenanted building with considerable maintenance activity by the landlord and fitout work by the tenants, in a building with frequent churn. As a result they and their supply chain quickly became some of the heaviest and most experienced users of the system.

Their Retail team have to contend with stores executing maintenance and project works in an area populated for long hours by the general public. e-permits was a simple solution to this management issue and gave the team complete visibility of work being done and the potential clashes of activity.

Meanwhile the Press Office was managing huge numbers of applications for permits to photograph or film around Canary Wharf, tying up a lot of their valuable time administering the process. The introduction of e-permits to the Press Office brought efficiency and transparency and allowed them to focus attention on the complex outdoor activities of film crews and their interaction with security and the public.

The extension continued with e-permits being rolled out to more multi-tenanted buildings including the iconic Canary Wharf Tower – One Canada Square. It is easy to forget that the infrastructure of Canary Wharf itself requires as much contractor control as the buildings and shops and it has now become the latest piece of the jigsaw for e-permits on the Wharf.

e-permits is helping the many parts of the Canary Wharf Group fulfil their Duty of Care to employees, their supply chain, tenants and the general public that they serve.

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