How Barclays Mitigates Risk and Controls Contractors

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Barclays e-permits

Location: Nationally

Duration: Since 2007

Scope: Use of e-permits throughout Barclays’ and Barclays Capital’s head offices, data centres and CAT A buildings in the UK

It was the investment Banking division of Barclays PLC that first used e-permits, to revitalise its permit system to reduce the risks it faced during potentially hazardous works in the Docklands offices and Northolt data centre. During the implementation, the workshops mapped-out how the organisation’s paper process was designed and who should be involved in each scenario to safely sign off different permits. The building layout, building services and supply chain data was then loaded from their CAFM system and e-permits was configured to emulate the permit processes. Finally the authorised persons (APs) and their supply chain were trained how to use their own part of the system. The data security regime they required was extremely rigorous and the system had to be penetration tested before going live.

A year later Barclays Retail introduced e-permits at its busy headquarters at One Churchill Place to tighten control of contractors and experience the same risk reduction as the sister company. Barclays then included the rollout to the rest of the UK portfolio, in the FM package that was being re-tendered.

e-permits had to be scalable so Barclays could add other buildings in the UK, South Africa, Europe, America and in Asia Pacific when required. There also had to be a commitment from Banyards to introduce localisation (for time zones) and foreign languages as required.

The transparency of e-permits gave Barclays greater visibility and control over its buildings. It highlighted the exposure to some unacceptable risks which the firm eliminated by working with suppliers to effect the necessary improvements. As a result, Barclays has experienced a step change in the quality of decisions and contractor behaviour.

“I use e-permits as they allow me to sleep at night. It gives me peace of mind knowing that all regulations are in order and that the workers are fully competent and safe.”Paul Hood, head of engineering, Barclays

Barclays has also welcomed Banyards’ plans to launch the Competence Validation Service and will be among the first to benefit from its rollout.

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