Working from Home Guidance

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woman using laptop in the kitchen

There have been many good, well-intentioned articles in both the print press and online over the past week about how to successfully work from home. The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday (March 17th) advocated working from 9am to 5pm to maximise overlap with colleagues and speed decision making. Google recommend creating “work” triggers for your brain such as establishing a designated … Read More

2020 Health and Safety Webinar Series

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2020 Health and Safety Webinar Series

Following is the 2020 schedule for our ongoing series of health and safety webinars. Mark your calendars as appropriate. You can access/register for past/upcoming webinars via the left sidebar of this page. 12th March – Contractor Compliance, Needs Vision not Hindsight As technology advancements and global political and macro-economic trends continue to impact the worker landscape, so we’re already seeing … Read More

The Stress Tsunami

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the stress tsunami

Since Christmas I’ve read two books: John Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and Andrew Yang’s ‘The War on Normal People’. Steinbeck tale of the Joad’s displacement from their 1930s dust bowl farm in Oklahoma and migration to the promised land of California is probably well known to the reader. That their displacement was caused by automation and greedy landowners/big business, … Read More

The H&S (Swiss Army Knife) Manager

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swiss army knife

In the heat of the summer of 2018, we discussed how technology could become the rallying call to attract younger people into the health and safety profession. Eighteen months on we revisit the subject, but more broadly with the remit of exploring the changing role of the Health and Safety Manager. The original post coincided with SHP’s launch of New … Read More

Mental Health – A Pinch of Optimism

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The last ten years have clearly seen the lifting of the taboo around mental health, including mental well-being in the workplace and, more generally, mental health in society and across many demographics. There is more to do, but the change has been demonstrable. The 2017 Thriving at Work Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employees put the cost of poor … Read More

Let’s Hope this Post Helps You Sleep

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fighting fatigue to improve safety

It’s not every health and safety blog post that links Baader-Meinhof, Inspector Morse and has the express intent of helping you sleep, but this one does. The post’s genesis is in the seeming deluge of articles on driver safety over the past few weeks. Driver safety is an extremely important topic with the focus here being on driving for work … Read More

Megatrends, Wellness and Safety

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health and wellness

Buried in our Halloween post were some wellness and safety ideas that came out of the latest Euromonitor International megatrends analysis and which deserve expansion here. Firstly, the megatrends analysis. What is it? It’s a lifestyle survey of 1,000+ people in each of 40 countries, conducted annually and aimed at identifying the megatrends shaping consumer markets. These megatrends are driven … Read More

Halloween, Megatrends and Wellness

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halloween, megatrends and wellness

It’s Halloween! The day of ghosts and ghouls, apple-bobbing and trick or treating. It’s actually ‘New Year’s Eve’ from ancient Celtic times and a day when the worlds of the dead and the alive came together, a day when the Druids (the Celtic Priests) were better able to predict the future because of the presence of the dead. The origins … Read More

Why Keeping People Safe Improves Business Performance

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Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. Of course, it’s an on-going issue within society as well as the workplace so we thought we’d touch on stress here within the context of changing the health and safety culture within an organisation. And, yes, we’ll get to the reciprocity of safety and business performance. We’ve covered stress in the workplace extensively … Read More

How Health and Safety Innovations Can Reduce Mental Health Illnesses

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Let's talk about stress

At best, poor mental health is costing the UK economy the equivalent of 4% of GDP, or close to the annual spend on education. At worst, it’s killing us. As reported in the HSE provisional statistics for 2016/17, ‘work-related stress, depression or anxiety cases (new or longstanding)’ has now become the UK’s biggest work-related illness, overtaking musculoskeletal disorder cases. The … Read More

Mental Health – You Own It! Or Do You?

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Mental Health: You Own It, Or Do You?

2017 saw the publication of Thriving at work: The Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers and, with it, the staggering estimate that the annual cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole in the UK is between £74B and £99B. That’s more than £1,200 per capita, around 4% of GDP, twice the spend on defence and … Read More

Stress, Stress and More Work-Related Stress

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Work-related stress

The HSE figures for 2016/17 are out and the headline is that “for the first time, stress became the UK’s biggest work-related illness, overtaking musculoskeletal disorder cases.” The HSE attribute an annual cost to the UK economy of £14.9B from all work-related injuries and ill-health with around 65% of the total arising from new cases of ill-health. These costs include … Read More

It’s Official!! Your Employees Are At Greater Risk Than Your Contractors.

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Employees are more at risk than contractors

At the beginning of last month we posed the question, “Are Employees Really Safer than Contractors?” Anecdotally it seemed to be the case and the HSE fatality stats for 2015/16 supported the statement. On the face of it. However, digging into the data and removing the agriculture sector yielded a different picture, although an inclusive one due to what appeared … Read More