Working from Home Guidance

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woman using laptop in the kitchen

There have been many good, well-intentioned articles in both the print press and online over the past week about how to successfully work from home. The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday (March 17th) advocated working from 9am to 5pm to maximise overlap with colleagues and speed decision making. Google recommend creating “work” triggers for your brain such as establishing a designated … Read More

Remote and Lone Worker Health and Safety – What You Need to Know

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Lone Worker Health and Safety

Lone workers make up a significant proportion of the UK workforce and face additional health and safety risks to those working with others. Many of those risks are unique to lone workers and, as with all workers, businesses have a responsibility to protect lone workers from all risks. Remote working may involve small teams as well as lone workers. Having … Read More

Safety Digitally – What Technology is Available Today?

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health and safety technology update

We’ve previously discussed the role technology can play in breaking through the statistical plateau we’ve seen recently in UK work-related fatality rates. We’ve also discussed how technology can be the impetus to recruit young people into the work of health and safety. So what technology is out there today that can help you ensure your workers are safe at work … Read More

New Safety and Health – From Hard Hats to Artificial Intelligence

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New Safety and Health

You have probably seen the announcement that SHP Online and Safety & Health Expo have collaborated to introduce ‘New Safety and Health’. This is a campaign essentially focused on changing the perceptions of the health and safety industry and, in doing so, redefining the role of the health and safety professional and inspiring the next generation. This is to be … Read More

How Technology Can Help Break Through the Health and Safety Statistical Plateau

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Safety digitally

Our last eBook on improving the health and safety culture in your organisation was well received so we decided to research other areas of interest as subjects for a new eBook. The area we quickly identified was the plateau in health and safety statistics as evidenced by Great Britain fatality rates. This data from the HSE shows that, in the last … Read More