What’s New in Health & Safety Technology?

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health and safety technology

Technology advances at a rapid pace, changing the way businesses operate. The field of health and safety is no different. So, what are the new technologies and technological trends that are impacting health and safety? The most obvious one is the increasing digitalisation of health and safety processes and systems, where those processes and systems move from being manual to … Read More

Do Existing Health and Safety Regulations Support Changing Work Practices?

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woman working from home

Businesses in most industries have dramatically transformed their operations over the past 12 months to adapt to the realities of Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been introduced to help deal with the pandemic. Many of these transformations have had significant health and safety implications. As the progress of the vaccination programme continues at pace, many of us are now … Read More

SafeContractor and e-permits: Better Safety Outcomes, Greater Efficiencies

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welding in action

Back in October of last year, we introduced a full safety management solution made possible by the acquisition of Banyard Solutions by Alcumus. The long term vision we always had was to build out that full suite of safety software products to complement our standalone permit-to-work product, e-permits. The acquisition brought that long term vision into immediate focus. e-permits is … Read More

Realigning Health and Safety in the Business

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plastic ducks all in a line to illustrate Realigning Health and Safety in the Business

Over the last year or so we’ve posited ideas around having health and safety become a keystone habit in the business and aligning health and safety outcomes with business growth and why doing so was important. We highlighted three categorisations for how health and safety is viewed within the business: as a cost centre as delivering business benefits as a … Read More

So, is Numerology Bunkum?

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newspaper headline Now Coronavirus Hits Westminster

At the end of last year we welcomed in 2020 with a cheerful note on what we had to look forward in this year of symmetrical numbers. We cheerily looked at the positives we, as a health and safety industry, could take from Brexit, Data/Technology and Wellness, and did this with the backdrop of the Numerologists’ view that 2020 would … Read More

Aligning Health and Safety With Business Growth (Part 1 of 2)

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chart showing positive business growth

In our last post on the changing role of the Health and Safety Manager we posited that there is an ever increasing requirement for the H&S Manager to justify their existence and that the most enduring way to provide this justification is to align health and safety performance with the growth of the business. The alternatives to aligning with growth … Read More

The H&S (Swiss Army Knife) Manager

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swiss army knife

In the heat of the summer of 2018, we discussed how technology could become the rallying call to attract younger people into the health and safety profession. Eighteen months on we revisit the subject, but more broadly with the remit of exploring the changing role of the Health and Safety Manager. The original post coincided with SHP’s launch of New … Read More

Ruminating Cows, Trojan Horses and More Reasons to be Cheerful in 2020

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picture of cows

This is the third in the trilogy of posts taking an optimistic look at UK health and safety issues in 2020. The first focused on Brexit, the second on the role that data and technology can play in improving health and safety outcomes, while this one is all about ruminating cows and trojan horses [really? – Ed]. OK, seriously, we’ll … Read More

2020 Vision – 3 Reasons to be Cheerful

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2020 Vision - 5 Reasons to be Cheerful

2020 has the look of a great year. Just the numbers laid out beside each other. 2019 appeared awkward (and it was, very) but 2020 has a calming, hopeful look to it. It’s an Olympic year and there’s something Olympian about the way the numbers sit on the page. I’ve never studied Numerology but I Googled ‘2020’ and, sure enough, … Read More

Let’s Hope this Post Helps You Sleep

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fighting fatigue to improve safety

It’s not every health and safety blog post that links Baader-Meinhof, Inspector Morse and has the express intent of helping you sleep, but this one does. The post’s genesis is in the seeming deluge of articles on driver safety over the past few weeks. Driver safety is an extremely important topic with the focus here being on driving for work … Read More