Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Digitalisation Success

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overcoming barriers to success

Digitisation. Digitalisation. Digital transformation. Three terms. Often used interchangeably. Yet very different. Let’s clarify the terms first before moving on to the benefits and then the barriers that need to be overcome for success. Digitisation simply means the conversion of analog to digital. A piece of paper to a Word document. A paper permit-to-work to an electronic copy. Digitalisation, however, is … Read More

Improving Risk Management in Financial Services

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city landscape

The global banking and the broader financial services industry leaves the last decade on a much more solid footing than it left the previous decade. Then, the financial crisis had wreaked its chaos but now, as Deloitte notes, “The global banking system is not only bigger and more profitable but also more resilient than at any time in the last … Read More

ISO 45001 – A Panacea for UK Health and Safety or Another Tick Box Exercise?

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ISO 45001

You probably have heard of ISO 45001 – it is the new standard for occupational health and safety. It is currently in development and is getting increasing amounts of attention. Is it, however, the answer to the UK’s persistent health and safety problem, or is it just a tick box exercise? Will it actually make workplaces safer or will it … Read More

“What’s The ROI Of Your Mother?”

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Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

I shamelessly stole that question from US serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary’s first business success came when taking over his family’s liquor store and turning it into the online success winelibrary.com, growing annual sales from $3M to $60M through his innovative use of digital marketing and, in particular, social media. If the name Gary Vaynerchuk is new to you then … Read More

British Sugar – Health & Safety Refined

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British Sugar Logo

In the last few posts we’ve explored the role of corporate governance in health and safety and explored the impact this has on work related stress as well as the abnormalities of higher employee fatality rates compared with contractors. In the last post we delved into the health and safety related corporate governance of Sainsbury’s. In our experience companies with … Read More

Sainsbury’s – From Audit to Improved Health and Safety Leadership

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There are many examples of bad health and safety practice in the UK – you don’t have to search far in local or national news publications to find them. What about good examples, though? One that stands out is Sainsbury’s. We first mentioned this case study in our review of corporate governance back in July and it’s worth discussing in … Read More

It’s Official!! Your Employees Are At Greater Risk Than Your Contractors.

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Employees are more at risk than contractors

At the beginning of last month we posed the question, “Are Employees Really Safer than Contractors?” Anecdotally it seemed to be the case and the HSE fatality stats for 2015/16 supported the statement. On the face of it. However, digging into the data and removing the agriculture sector yielded a different picture, although an inclusive one due to what appeared … Read More

H.W. Heinrich vs. Sidney Dekker, Seconds Out…

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Zero Harm vs. Safety Differently

This post is a scene-setter that compares and contrasts the zero harm policies advocated by H.W. Heinrich and the Safety Differently approach of Sidney Dekker who advocates focussing on major incidents and people’s ability to manage risk intuitively rather than worrying about near misses and minor incidents. In future posts we’ll tie the two approaches back to corporate governance as … Read More

The Impact of Corporate Governance on UK Health and Safety

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Corporate Governance

Do British companies take health and safety seriously enough at board level? Do companies believe it requires board level leadership and strategic direction or do they think it’s an operational issue? Are companies serious about effecting cultural change or do they pay lip service and tick boxes when it comes to health and safety? These are all important questions, so … Read More