The Alcumus e-permits Safety Management Solution

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The Alcumus e-permits safety management solution

The acquisition of Banyard Solutions by Alcumus earlier in the year has allowed us to move from being the provider of a point solution for permit-to-work to a much broader offering of safety management products based on the Alcumus Info Exchange platform. This post explores each component in detail using video excerpts from a recent webinar.  To learn more … Read More

e-permits Modular Solution

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e-permits modular

e-permits is the UK’s first and leading web-based permit to work software and work authorisation system. The past year has seen its continued modularisation to enable new clients to absorb value in line with available budget and implementation resources. This post describes this new e-permits modular solution in detail. It consists of 4 Core Modules plus additional Functional Modules to … Read More

Delivering Increased Control and Compliance Using e-permits

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using e-permits for increased control and compliance

This post begins by summarising the benefits delivered by e-permits, the electronic permit to work software and work authorisation system, in bringing increased control and compliance to the existing paper process. It continues with a detailed “how” e-permits delivers these benefits. In Summary By providing critical information to the appropriate people just as they need it, e-permits helps ensure that the… … Read More

Is It Time to Consign Paper Permit to Work to the Bin?

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Is it Time to Consign Paper PTW to the Bin?

This is a transcript of the webinar of the same title and highlights some of the deficiencies with paper-based permit to work processes and introduces the advantages of e-permits in overcoming these deficiencies. Note that as an accurate transcript the language is conversational and not perfect written English. Transcript starts >> Thank you very much indeed for joining the webinar … Read More

Santander plc – Improving Health & Safety in Data Centres

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Santander - Improving H&S in Data Centres

Modern data centres can use around 100 million megawatt hours of electricity a year, orders of magnitude more than a typical office building and more than enough to introduce significant danger into the workplace. As recently as 2015, Martin Walton was electrocuted and killed working on a data centre in Middlesex when one of two FM companies involved issued a … Read More

The Benefits of e-permits

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Benefits of e-permits

In previous posts we have discussed what a permit to work actually is and then how e-permits helps enforce health and safety policy on the ground. This post will focus much more on the benefits of e-permits and, in particular, what our clients cite as the benefits they receive from using e-permits. Remembering first that, without exception, our best clients … Read More