SafeContractor and e-permits: Better Safety Outcomes, Greater Efficiencies

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Back in October of last year, we introduced a full safety management solution made possible by the acquisition of Banyard Solutions by Alcumus. The long term vision we always had was to build out that full suite of safety software products to complement our standalone permit-to-work product, e-permits. The acquisition brought that long term vision into immediate focus.

e-permits is built on a database of building information (locations, floors, zones etc.) as well as a people database of individual contractor competencies, insurances etc. Is the specific contractor who is coming to do the work, competent to do that work? Are they insured? Have they completed site induction etc.

Within the overall Alcumus safety management solution, that data set is now much more robust because we now have Statutory Compliance wrapping around the building’s data and we have SafeContractor, which deals with supply chain management,  complementing our people database. Together they make the data much more robust, thereby, increasing the safety outcomes of the integrated solution as well as introducing efficiencies.

Many readers will be familiar with SafeContractor. It offers businesses the benefits of a compliant supply chain while, at the same time, providing benefits to the supply chain itself through the advantages of accreditation as well as other member benefits such as tool discounts and fuel cards.

Having a fully compliant supply chain means more than being health and safety compliant. It means CSR verification, insurance and competency checks. Not only does that compliance help mitigate supply chain disruption, it also enables reactivation where disruption has already occurred – highly apposite for many in today’s climate.

SafeContractor also delivers in terms of business efficiency. Engineering services provider, KTL, estimate the reduction in time spent conducting vetting and compliance checks to be three hours per contractor. With 400 contractors that means SafeContractor is saving the business 1,200 hours per annum just in terms of these checks alone.

Similarly, SafeContractor has supported the growth of property management company, Rendall & Rittner, from 60,000 units under management to over 80,000 units. How this expansion was supported will be the subject of a future webinar by the Alcumus SafeContractor team together with Rendall & Reckitt. This is currently slated for March 9th, 2021 so please save the date and look out for further information.

For more specifics on e-permits and its’ role in delivering contractor compliance, you can watch this webinar from 2020. Or contact us to learn directly how SafeContractor and/or e-permits can help your business.

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