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UK Utilities – Yes, Investment is Tough, but Ignore Health and Safety at Your Peril!


The UK power utilities industry is in a period of significant change. The disruption caused is impacting all areas of the industry from the asset-heavy generation and transmission companies through to the competitive retail channels and is creating an extremely difficult climate for investment.

So, what does this tough business environment then mean for health and safety, particularly in light of industry fragmentation and increasing complexity in the supply chain?

While accident levels in the industry are broadly in line with other UK sectors such as manufacturing or construction, fatality rates over the past five years are almost double. Will the tendency be to kick the health and safety can down the road or recognise that current systems are no longer fit for purpose and greater investment is required?

This exclusive report looks at the disruptive changes within the industry and examines how they will impact health and safety. It is essential reading for anyone with a health and safety remit in UK Utilities and a great reminder for Board members that health and safety is a corporate governance issue and is about to get more complex. The report covers:

  • Current Health & Safety Performance

    How does UK power utilities compare with other sectors and is that a good foundation for the future?

  • Industry Changes and Resultant Health & Safety Challenges

    How is industry fragmentation and increasing supply chain complexity impacting health & safety?

  • Digital Transformation

    Is digital transformation the answer? How should you be preparing for the future?

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Health and Safety in UK Power Utlities

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WHAT IS e-permits?

e-permits is the electronic permit to work software and work authorisation system that breathes life into your existing paper process, delivering control of contractors and reduced risks.

e-permits helps you ensure that the…

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e-permits can emulate whatever regime you currently use to control work in your environment, so you retain familiar processes and get the benefits without change or compromise. The organisations below operate e-permits in very different industries, geographies, size of portfolios and face very different risks and degrees of regulation – but all recognise the value e-permits brings to them.

BENEFITS OF e-permits

Contractor Control

Who is doing What, When, Where, Why and How in your buildings?

What Risks Are Reduced?

Injury to people • Damage to property • Disruption of business • Compromised security

benefits of e-permits


Government legislation • Industry regulation • Corporate governance

What costs are reduced?

Insurance premiums • Legal fees & fines • Management • Business downtime • Reputation damage

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FREE Exclusive Report

Health and Safety in UK Power Utilities

FREE Exclusive Report

For instant download, please complete the form.