Our last eBook on improving the health and safety culture in your organisation was well received so we decided to research other areas of interest as subjects for a new eBook. The area we quickly identified was the plateau in health and safety statistics as evidenced by Great Britain fatality rates.

Data from the HSE shows that, in the last 10 years, fatality rates have plateaued which is good in that a rate of 0.4-0.5 per 100,000 workers is significantly less than the 2.0+ rates of the 1980s, but nobody wants to settle for a fatality rate (above zero) that has plateaued. Nobody is accepting 150 deaths a year as the norm.

So what can be done to break through the statistical plateau and what role can technology play in that breakthrough?

This latest eBook is not about health and safety technology. Instead, it is about the role technology can play in making tangible health and safety improvements in your business. It covers:

  • Is Technology the Solution?

    What are the keys to continued health and safety performance improvement and what is the real role of technology in health and safety.

  • What Technology Is Out There?

    What technologies are currently being deployed and with what results? What's in the future?

  • Overcoming Challenges

    What challenges does technology bring to the party and how can these be overcome?