Having a proper health and safety culture is not about procedures, tick boxes, and compliance. Developing a proper health and safety culture is instead about changing the whole approach of the business not just to how it handles health and safety issues, but to everything it does, i.e. health and safety should become an integral part of every aspect of the business.

For health and safety professionals, this is a daunting and often frustrating task. You know what you want to achieve, but are met with obstacle after obstacle along the way. Often those obstacles are people who don’t understand what a proper health and safety culture is and, more importantly, don’t understand the benefits that developing a health and safety culture will deliver.

This eBook provides practical and actionable advice to help you change the health and safety culture in your organisation. It covers:

  • Getting C-Suite Buy-in

    9 essential and practical tips to get C-suite and board level buy-in for your plans.

  • Taking Action

    How to communicate, train, motivate and ensure employee participation.

  • Monitoring and Reviews

    The what and how of monitoring and reviewing your health and safety culture.