Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely

With ongoing uncertainty around the likelihood of a full return to office work, adaptability will be key to enable the remote management of many business processes, especially those that enable people to work safely and be safe at work. Sign up for this webinar to discover how e-permits enables the permit-to-work process to be implemented remotely.

Where building maintenance work requires an onsite presence then a competent person needs to be physically present. However, what about:

  • everyone else involved in the permit-to-work request and approval process?
  • the AP and all others required to approve the permit-to-work request?
  • the permit issue process?

​​​​Does everyone need to be onsite to move the permit through the process? In a paper-based permit-to-work process, of course, they do…

This webinar recorded on April 1st, 2021 shows how the process works when totally online.

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