The equivalent of 10 jumbo jets full of people die every year in the UK from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. The terrible result of lax regulations and the ignorance of previous generations? For sure. Something that is now under control and being managed effectively? Not really.

86% of our schools contain asbestos, with 1 in 5 schools not compliant with asbestos regulations, 2% representing a significant cause for concern, and 1 in 4 not even informing their facilities manager of its presence. In the private sector, Connect Packaging Ltd and Creo Retail Marketing Ltd were fined in December 2016 for knowingly exposing workers to asbestos.

Supreme Court judges have already made it clear that employers are responsible for preventing exposure to asbestos, rather than just dealing with the consequences if a disease is contracted. Furthermore, to be liable employers only need to have contributed to the risk of contracting the disease, rather than been proved to have caused it.

This webinar, originally held on Tuesday, April 11th:

1. Reveals what the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 does and does not demand of you
2. Shows how you can effectively meet these demands and prevent exposure to asbestos
3. Demonstrates how e-permits delivers in preventing exposure and provides an audit trail to keep you out of Court


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