now is the time to bin paper permit-to-work

Permits-to-work have been in existence for decades providing the documented procedures for the who, what, where, when and how of work considered to be high risk. Unfortunately, the chosen implementation vehicle for permits-to-work has historically been paper.

The inherent limitations of a paper-based process have resulted in a disconnect between well designed, well intended policies and procedures and what’s happening on the ground, leaving workers unprotected and Duty holders exposed. This disconnect has been exacerbated with larger buildings and portfolios, not to mention the challenges introduced by lockdown.

This webinar demonstrates:

  • how web-based permit-to-work emulates the positive ‘design’ aspects of existing permit-to-work processes while eliminating the operational issues of paper
  • how you can implement a fully functional e-permits system in a few days and continually enhance the system at your own pace where you need it, when you need it
  • how you can achieve budget parity with your existing paper-based system
  • why having so many contractors already using e-permits will save you time and further reduce risk

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