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***For the duration of the current Government coronavirus lockdown, we are making the Electronic Signatures and PPE modules available to clients free of charge, thereby, enabling more people to work from home while keeping building maintenance workers safe.***

With the current Covid-19 crisis and Government lockdown many of us are forced to work from home while many are faced with the uncertainty of whether they should be at home or working onsite.

Building maintenance is one of those sectors falling into the area of ‘discussion’. Without getting into the debate of essential or otherwise, it’s clear that if maintenance work requires an onsite presence then a competent person needs to be physically present.

But, what about everyone else involved in the permit-to-work request and approval process? The AP and all others required to approve the permit-to-work request? How about the permit issue? Do all of these people need to be onsite to shuffle the paper permit around the process? In a paper-based permit-to-work process they do…

e-permits is the UK’s first web-based permit-to-work system ensuring the right people, with the right skills, work to the right RAMS, in the right place, at the right time. Being web-based enables the permit request, approval and issue process to occur completely electronically, thereby, enabling those in the process, but not actually doing the maintenance work, to be working from home.

e-permits enables a totally paperless process. However, prior to the Covid-19 crisis, some clients wanted to maintain paper signatures and issue a paper permit bundle while still realising from the compliance and risk mitigation benefits of e-permits. For those clients who wanted a totally paperless permit-to-work process we delivered that capability via an optional module called Electronic Signatures.

As well enabling a totally paperless process, Electronic Signatures also enables safety checklists to be carried out at the point of work and the permit status to be updated live.

Our PPE module enables PPE to be specified at multiple stages of the permit lifecycle, from the contractor specifying what they intend bringing with them to complete the work, to the AP stating what must be used for that job. While this is normally related only to the work at hand, the PPE module enables clients to specify and configure their own list of PPE and, as such, can be extended to cover coronavirus protection.

All clients not already using Electronic Signatures and/or PPE will be contacted shortly with details of how to get access to those modules and with a link to web training. If you’re reading this and have missed that e-mail then please contact us here.

For readers who are not already clients and are interested in learning more about e-permits, you can read this post on the e-permits solution and modular implementation, or contact us directly using the link above.

Stay safe out there! Or, better still, permit-to-work from home!

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