Simon Olliff

Simon is Managing Director of Banyard Solutions and in recent years has witnessed the industry shift in work attitudes, towards a greater sense of Health and Safety ownership.

He has a solid understanding of the new technologies needed to achieve higher levels of safety performance and has been integral in ensuring that all of Banyard Solutions’ software evolves to meet the industry’s ever-demanding requirements.

In addition to his role directing Customer Relations and the Technical Division, Simon is a regular speaker at Health and Safety seminars across the country.

Richard D’Silva

Richard joined Banyard Solutions in 2015 bringing with him over 20 years of high-value software solutions sales and sales management experience across a range of industries around the globe.  Most recently he has worked in the Health & Safety sector and appreciates the increasing importance that companies are placing on the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees, contractors and indeed anyone that can be impacted by a company’s daily business activities.

Richard sees e-permits as an integral part of a company’s CSR drive and is excited about the opportunity with Banyard Solutions to ensure that our customers can keep people safe whatever they are doing by reducing the risk of human error and oversight.

Nick Till

As a Director across all three of The Banyard Group of companies, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and a sense of greater context to Banyard Solutions.

Currently busy introducing the popular e-permits tool to a wider industry audience, Nick, like Simon, believes resolutely that Banyard Solutions has a duty to the industries it serves to share its Health and Safety learnings with others.

In helping to pioneer an e-innovation that may well already have saved lives and livelihoods, Nick is optimistic that in the next few years even more people will recognise just why they are such a valuable safety tool, and ultimately that they will become the industry standard.

Alan Gunn

Alan is the Product Manager of e-permits. He brings over 15 years of health & safety software expertise and is focussed on giving the market what it wants. Improving user experience to create happy customers and a system that will delight users, he helps drive the product to meet the challenges faced by industry, using modern development techniques and technologies.

He is an active member of the national safety community, currently chair of Safety Group · West Scotland and is a regular at e-spark Glasgow, an entrepreneurial incubator, where he provides advice on web technologies.

Ben Cummins

Ben leads the implementation process at Banyard Solutions and is responsible for overall project management and delivery. He brings with him over 6 years of experience in project management and software implementation across a dynamic range of business functions with a particular emphasis on products that enhance best working practices.

He found immediate appeal in e-permits as a market-leading product, which provides fantastic resiliency and functionality for those looking to take the important step towards improving worker safety and internal processes; with a drive to improve safe and intelligent practices that is reflected throughout our implementation process.

Ben represents the main point of contact for e-permits delivery projects and is always keen to work with delivery teams across our customer base, providing the best solution for customers with the key success factors of ensuring works are carried out safely, intelligently and correctly.

Iulian Paraian

Iulian is a senior software developer with 14 years experience in web-based applications development, leading teams and managing software development projects in agile environments.

His expertise ranges from development and implementation of laboratory management web-based systems in the food safety and animal health domains, to distributed systems based on microservices architectures, and web-based management systems in the automotive sector.

In the projects he was involved with, Iulian had the chance to work and deliver software for clients ranging from government  and European authorities, to national utilities companies and car fleet management companies.

He is passionate about web technologies, software and distributed system patterns, and cloud native projects such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Neil Hartley

Neil is responsible for the Marketing of Banyard Solutions and brings over 20 years of high tech sales and marketing experience to our mission of preventing avoidable incidents.

He sees e-permits as a solution to help our clients sleep easier at night and, more importantly, as a solution that, as far as possible, eliminates workplace risk and ensures workers get to go home safely at night.

With a solid understanding of digital and more traditional marketing techniques, Neil sees his mission as ensuring Banyard Solutions’ Heath & Safety expertise is brought to bear to reduce the current 2% non-fatal and 0.5% fatal incidents per 100,000 workers in the UK.

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