Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely

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P2W from Home Webinar

On Wednesday 3rd February we ran a webinar focused on managing the permit-to-work process from home. You can access it here.

Of course, where building maintenance work needs to be carried out onsite then a competent person needs to be physically present but others in the request/approval/issue process don’t necessarily need to be. The webinar will show how e-permits supports the geographical dispersement of those involved in the permit-to-work process.

Working-from-home is something that has become all too familiar to many of us over the past year and, for some, that familiarity has turned to contempt and led to challenges far beyond ensuring we’re doing a good job.

What happened to the nirvana of better work/life balance afforded by flexible working practices and reduced commuting times? Of course, being able to choose would be nice. Not trying to home school in parallel, even nicer.

The Finns are probably one of the most enlightened nations when it comes to enlightened working practices and at the beginning of 2020 they even changed emphasis from “place of work” to “time spent working”, the implication being that coffee shop working is as valuable as home working or office working. But for now, at least in the UK, the coffee shop is out.

Even during the very first lockdown a Martec survey showed 59% of home workers feeling “discouraged” or “trapped” with 84% of all survey participants exhibiting some mental health issues. One can only imagine how that has changed since then.

Work done by the Queen’s School of Business in Ontario showed how remote workers welcomed a call from their supervisor yet a recent survey by Health Shield showed that less than half of those surveyed had been asked about their health and happiness since the initial lockdown.

With work-related stress Employment Tribunal and Personal Injury claims already increasing businesses not taking care of the mental wellbeing of employees working from home face potential reputational damage. If picking up the phone and checking in helps…

Almost exactly a year ago we covered a TED talk by Guy Welch who explained how ruminating on to do lists at home led to work-related stress and that working from home only exacerbates that stress if strategies to compartmentalise home and work life weren’t implemented. His short talk is thought provoking with practical recommendations on what we can do personally to reduce the stresses of working from home. His talk also, therefore, provides the seeds for enlightened companies to plant to help their own employees.

One of our favourite quotes about using e-permits was from Paul Hood at Barclays who said, “I use e-permits as they allow me to sleep at night. It gives me peace of mind knowing that all regulations are in order and that the workers are fully competent and safe”.

What he meant was that e-permits stopped him ruminating about work when he was at home. Having a system that, unlike a paper-based system, enables the permit-to-work process to be administered remotely can only add to that peace of mind, reduce rumination and contribute to a reduction in work-related stress. You can access the webinar here.

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