Remote and Lone Worker Health and Safety – What You Need to Know

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Remote and Lone Worker Health and Safety – What You Need to Know

Lone workers make up a significant proportion of the UK workforce and face additional health and safety risks to those working with others. Many of those risks are unique to lone workers and, as with all workers, businesses have a responsibility to protect lone workers from all risks. Remote working may involve small teams as well as lone workers. Having … Read More

Risk Assessments – Legal Requirements, Trends, and ISO 45001

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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a central component of health and safety in every industry and sector. This is because risk assessments significantly reduce accidents, including accidents that cause deaths or the most serious types of injury. However, it is easy for organisations to become unconsciously complacent (or even deliberately complacent) about conducting risk assessments. In these situations, the process drifts into … Read More

How e.surv Changed their Culture to Protect Remote/Lone Workers

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Celebrating health and safety success with e.surv

If you are in the property market, you will probably have come across e-surv. It conducts property surveys for mortgage lenders, house buyers, and others. Due to the nature of its work, 400 of its 700 employees are remote workers. Almost all of those remote workers operate alone. In addition, their job entails visiting multiple new locations every day, plus … Read More

How Wessex Water Used Dynamic Risk Assessments

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Using dynamic risk assessments to improve health and safety

This is the second in our series of posts focused on health and safety successes and illustrates the use of dynamic risk assessments to safeguard workers working remotely in small teams. It’s common for companies to introduce significant health and safety initiatives because of a negative event – a major accident, for example, or a critical report. It is unusual, … Read More

RAMS Explained

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RAMS Explained

Most people have heard of risk assessments. In fact, if your business employs more than five people you have a legal responsibility to complete and document risk assessments. What are Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS), though, how do they differ from risk assessments, and when should you use them? RAMS are sometimes referred to as safety method statements or safe … Read More

Santander plc – Improving Health & Safety in Data Centres

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Santander - Improving H&S in Data Centres

Modern data centres can use around 100 million megawatt hours of electricity a year, orders of magnitude more than a typical office building and more than enough to introduce significant danger into the workplace. As recently as 2015, Martin Walton was electrocuted and killed working on a data centre in Middlesex when one of two FM companies involved issued a … Read More

The Benefits of e-permits

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Benefits of e-permits

In previous posts we have discussed what a permit to work actually is and then how e-permits helps enforce health and safety policy on the ground. This post will focus much more on the benefits of e-permits and, in particular, what our clients cite as the benefits they receive from using e-permits. Remembering first that, without exception, our best clients … Read More

DigiPlex Control Contractors in Data Centres Using e-permits

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DigiPlex designs, builds and operates data centres in the Nordics. The company specialises in delivering best-in-class services to customers by providing tailored, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability. As a result, DigiPlex is trusted by public and private customers alike – including security sensitive organisations such as government and financial institutions. Digiplex is privately owned and independent, … Read More

How Barclays Mitigates Risk and Controls Contractors

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Barclays e-permits

Location: Nationally Duration: Since 2007 Scope: Use of e-permits throughout Barclays’ and Barclays Capital’s head offices, data centres and CAT A buildings in the UK It was the investment Banking division of Barclays PLC that first used e-permits, to revitalise its permit system to reduce the risks it faced during potentially hazardous works in the Docklands offices and Northolt data centre. … Read More