Can e-permits be Used for CDM Refurbishment Projects?

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cdm 2015 refurbishment projects

This is a question we’ve been increasingly asked over the past few months and the short answer is, “yes, e-permits can be used on CDM refurbishment projects.” The long answer is also a [resounding] yes. CDM refers to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations which apply to all construction work. These health and safety regulations do apply to all construction … Read More

e-permits Enhancements – 2019 Year to Date

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Health and Safety Blog Word Art

Not yet a third of the way through the year, 2019 has already seen a number of exciting feature enhancements to e-permits, our web-based permit-to-work system designed to prevent avoidable incidents. A big thanks to our Product Management function and Development team for their continued hard work in ensuring that workers work safely and are safe at work. This post … Read More

Taking Action to Prevent Exposure to Asbestos

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Preventing exposure to asbestos

In our review of UK health and safety in 2018 we highlighted the increased profile that mental health has seen in the workplace and the importance to both the employee and the business of good employee mental health. On the flip side, little has fundamentally changed in the treatment of asbestos in our public buildings. Darren Payne of Rhodor the … Read More

Is It Time to Consign Paper Permit to Work to the Bin?

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Is it Time to Consign Paper PTW to the Bin?

This is a transcript of the webinar of the same title and highlights some of the deficiencies with paper-based permit to work processes and introduces the advantages of e-permits in overcoming these deficiencies. Note that as an accurate transcript the language is conversational and not perfect written English. Transcript starts >> Thank you very much indeed for joining the webinar … Read More

RAMS Explained

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RAMS Explained

Most people have heard of risk assessments. In fact, if your business employs more than five people you have a legal responsibility to complete and document risk assessments. What are Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS), though, how do they differ from risk assessments, and when should you use them? RAMS are sometimes referred to as safety method statements or safe … Read More

How e-permits Helps Prevent Asbestos Exposure

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How e-permits helps prevent asbestos exposure

We’ve devoted a significant amount of space on this blog trying to maintain focus on preventing asbestos exposure for facilities workers, as well as everyone else who can come into contact with asbestos going about their day-to-day activities in our schools, hospitals and any other pre-2000 building. We’ve touched on how e-permits helps prevent asbestos exposure and how we’ve now … Read More

Contractor Management – Way More Than Orientation

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Contractor Management

In February of this year, bus company Go Ahead London were fined £600,000 after a workman died following a fall from a ladder. The HSE investigation found that the company failed to implement and keep to their own procedures for managing contractors. Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector, Neil Fry, said, “This is a tragic case which could have been … Read More

The Benefits of e-permits

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Benefits of e-permits

In previous posts we have discussed what a permit to work actually is and then how e-permits helps enforce health and safety policy on the ground. This post will focus much more on the benefits of e-permits and, in particular, what our clients cite as the benefits they receive from using e-permits. Remembering first that, without exception, our best clients … Read More

The What and Why of e-permits

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JP Morgan e-permits client

In the first post on ‘e-permit insights’ we covered the basics of what a permit-to-work is and how and when they’re used. Many companies have well-defined processes, traditionally implemented through paper-based systems – the issue with paper-based systems arising as a disconnect between health & safety policy and what is actually happening on the ground. e-permits were developed to reduce … Read More

What Is A Permit To Work?

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What is a permit to work?

Welcome to ‘e-permits insights’, the home for all the news and insights you will need to prevent avoidable incidents in the workplace and enable those under your duty of care to go home safely every night. Just as background and to get everyone on the same page let’s start by briefly explaining what a ‘permit-to-work’ is and then how e-permits … Read More