• e-permits already operates in the following sectors - Government, airlines, broadcasting, data centres, defence, banking, healthcare, custodial, insurance, heritage, retail, nuclear research, mining, manufacturing, property management and property development – and is suitable for any land-based industry.

  • No, e-permits can emulate whatever regime you currently use to control work in your environment, so you retain familiar processes and get the benefits without change or compromise.

  • No, the smart engine inside e-permits automates much of the administration and communications required to co-ordinate the permits, giving your permit team more time to focus on making better informed and safe decisions.

  • Many thousands of companies keep their health and safety competence records up to date on our database. If any companies in your supply are not already using the system, they would be trained to input the necessary data.

  • Yes, e-permits is used on hundreds of buildings without resident engineers or Authorised persons (AP). Assessment of the permit can be done remotely by competent persons however high-risk permits should only be issued on-site by a visiting AP after considering the circumstances on the day.

  • There are a wide range of standard permit types but if you require bespoke permit types or formats, these can be accommodated easily.

  • Banyards experienced team will implement the system for you. We only require you to be available for short discovery workshops and training.

  • Banyards provide training in-person or on-line for clients, Authorised Persons, Facilities Management companies and their supply chains. It is quick, simple and easy to pick up.

  • Yes, we provide online and personal support for clients, facilities management companies and their supply chains.

  • e-permits is generally hosted by Banyards on secure servers in very resilient data centres based in the UK. We operate real-time replication of all transactions so your data is always safe and available - or if you prefer, you can host the software yourselves.

  • There are no user licences, e-permits is priced on the number and size of buildings and there are significant discounts for large portfolios and smaller buildings. If you send us the number and size of your buildings we can prepare a costing by return contact.

  • e-permits is web-based so there is no requirement for investment in additional hardware.

  • Yes, e-permits will operate its full functionality on most phones and tablet devices.

  • e-permits has been tested on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari but will render correctly on any browser that is HTML compliant.

  • e-permits can be integrated with any application that shares a functional flow i.e. CAFM, ERP, BIM and Access control systems.

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