DigiPlex Control Contractors in Data Centres Using e-permits

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DigiPlex designs, builds and operates data centres in the Nordics. The company specialises in delivering best-in-class services to customers by providing tailored, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability. As a result, DigiPlex is trusted by public and private customers alike – including security sensitive organisations such as government and financial institutions. Digiplex is privately owned and independent, both operationally and financially.

The majority of Digiplex’s electrical installation project work is completed by Lysteknikk, a Norweigan electrical services company with expertise in data centres. Lysteknikk has been working with DigiPlex since 2005 at its Ulven site near Oslo, and since 2012 at its Rosenholm site, also in the capital.

The Brief

One of Digiplex’s key challenges was visibility of all third party activity within their data centres. The company required a better way of monitoring work that happened within these sites – a more consistent and transparent approach was needed from the permit-to-work process.

The Solution

DigiPlex initially implemented e-permits for all works conducted at its three Norwegian sites and then, following the successful rollout at the initial sites, implemented the electronic permit-to-work system in their new Stockholm data centre. The quick implementation followed a series of meetings to bring staff up to speed on the e-permits system.

e-permits has aided Digiplex’s need for a higher level of health and safety, compliance, contractor control and a reduction in risk. There is now full visibility as to whether or not a job can take place, who is qualified to complete it, and when it will happen.

Banyard Solutions met the key elements outlined in the brief, and offer a much-appreciated service of quick and useful periodic updates on the system. The electronic system was explained in depth to everyone within Digiplex, and an education process took place to drive the success of the implementation, which is now universally accepted, with great company engagement.

“e-permits turned Digiplex’s buildings into well-managed operational control areas. There is now a level of control that we could not have achieved before, between the contractors on site, and operational data centres. Banyards has been flexible and professional throughout the entire journey, and has delivered what we needed. We are going to roll e-permits out for our Swedish sites, so that this system is consistent and aligned across our portfolio.”Pete O’Sullivan, Operations Transformation Director at DigiPlex.

There are many benefits to using e-permits. DigiPlex cited ‘control of contractors’ and ‘risk mitigation’ as their two main benefits. An e-permits implementation delivers these benefits as follows:

Contractor control: the organisation knows in real-time who is doing what, where, when, why and how in its building.

Reduced risks: the competence and insurance checks, RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) management and clash checks ensure that the right people, with the right skills, work to the right method statement, in the right place, at the right time. These automated checks and the transparency of the system has created a step-change in behavior that eliminates most of the avoidable incidents that cause harm, damage and waste.

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