Consumer Trends and Sustainability

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Consumer Trends and Sustainability

In our last post we highlighted how falling societal trust can lead to worse workplace safety outcomes. This was a follow up to an original post we published in September 2020 that posited the link between trust and safety outcomes through the axis of rules. The latest follow up was prompted by a comment in Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global … Read More

Consumer Trends, Trust and the Risk to Safety Outcomes

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Does Trust Correlate with Safety Performance for Workers

Back in September 2020 we asked whether trust correlates with safety performance. That is, do countries with higher levels of trust have better safety performance than countries with lower trust levels? Is there correlation? If so, is there causation? What we showed was the trust data across 10 European countries and their corresponding standardised incidence rates which indicated correlation between … Read More

Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Digitalisation Success

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overcoming barriers to success

Digitisation. Digitalisation. Digital transformation. Three terms. Often used interchangeably. Yet very different. Let’s clarify the terms first before moving on to the benefits and then the barriers that need to be overcome for success. Digitisation simply means the conversion of analog to digital. A piece of paper to a Word document. A paper permit-to-work to an electronic copy. Digitalisation, however, is … Read More

Working at Height – Greater Urgency Needed

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image of scaffold with bird flying by

For anyone working in health and safety or with an interest in accidents caused by falls from height, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) annual report on workplace fatalities makes for depressing reading. Depressing in terms of the results and the fact they are so predictable given the category “falls from height” consistently tops the table in fatal accident causes. … Read More

ISO 45001 – Where Are We in 2021?

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Alcumus ISOQAR ISO 45001 Certification Seal

The benefits of high-quality and effective operational health and safety management are clear. At the top of that list of benefits is the protection of workers, but there are important commercial benefits too. They include preventing the business interruption that can occur as a result of health and safety incidents, as well as protecting the reputation of your business. Maintaining … Read More

What’s New in Health & Safety Technology?

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health and safety technology

Technology advances at a rapid pace, changing the way businesses operate. The field of health and safety is no different. So, what are the new technologies and technological trends that are impacting health and safety? The most obvious one is the increasing digitalisation of health and safety processes and systems, where those processes and systems move from being manual to … Read More

Mental Health Awareness Days – A Force for Good or Box-ticking?

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Mental Health: You Own It, Or Do You?

There is no shortage of mental health awareness days and campaigns, with companies across the UK recognising or getting involved with them. They include Stress Awareness Month in April, the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week in May, World Suicide Prevention Day in September, World Mental Health Day in October, and Anti-Bullying Week in November. Do these initiatives work, … Read More

Do Existing Health and Safety Regulations Support Changing Work Practices?

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woman working from home

Businesses in most industries have dramatically transformed their operations over the past 12 months to adapt to the realities of Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been introduced to help deal with the pandemic. Many of these transformations have had significant health and safety implications. As the progress of the vaccination programme continues at pace, many of us are now … Read More

Managing Permit-to-Work Remotely

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P2W from Home Webinar

On Wednesday 3rd February we ran a webinar focused on managing the permit-to-work process from home. You can access it here. Of course, where building maintenance work needs to be carried out onsite then a competent person needs to be physically present but others in the request/approval/issue process don’t necessarily need to be. The webinar will show how e-permits supports the … Read More

So this is Christmas…

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Merry Christmas from Alcumus

…and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun. A year that began with such optimism, not least on these pages with our 2020 Vision – 3 Reasons to be Cheerful review of UK health and safety, ends with, well, what? Did we just have the worst year ever? It seems that way but, as … Read More

Working to Rules

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the human oil in the process engine

“People are not risk averse enough for our liking.” So said Joe Smith, Group Health and Safety Manager at Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd. That’s an attention grabbing comment. Simon Dean responded in a comment that “We need to highlight all the reasons for following the safety rules rather than what will happen if you don’t”. More carrot, less stick? Joe … Read More

Benchmarking Contractor Management

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The industry benchmark for contractor management

Even before the events of 2020, the role of contractors in the UK economy was a source of debate and commentary. Are businesses becoming increasingly dependent on contractors and, if so, how is compliance with health and safety policies and procedures being delivered? Interestingly, one of the most challenging industry sectors from a lack of skills standpoint is utilities. Even … Read More

The Mental Health Challenges of Working from Home (part 2 of 2)

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woman using laptop in the kitchen

In the first part of this two-part post we looked at the evidence for mental wellness suffering among those working from home. We covered the results from two recent surveys which highlighted a ‘disparity’ between the 84% of those experiencing mental health issues and the 9% of managers who were spending the majority of their time supporting mental health issues. … Read More