Introducing the Alcumus Solutions

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Alcumus logo

As many of you will have already seen, Banyard Solutions was acquired by Alcumus at the end of June 2020. You’re likely aware of Alcumus as the UK’s leading provider of risk management solutions and may already be a user of one of the main solutions: SafeContractor for supply chain management, verification and contractor management Sypol for COSHH services Information … Read More

Why Keeping People Safe Improves Business Performance

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Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. Of course, it’s an on-going issue within society as well as the workplace so we thought we’d touch on stress here within the context of changing the health and safety culture within an organisation. And, yes, we’ll get to the reciprocity of safety and business performance. We’ve covered stress in the workplace extensively … Read More

The 3 Legged Stool of Health and Safety Success

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Health and Safety Success

Regular readers will know that we’ve been celebrating health and safety successes over recent months and have covered ten success stories so far, all with different motivators to act and, hopefully, lots of good ideas around solutions to problems you’re likely facing in your own business today. There were three other candidate success stories lined up: Jacobs (partially covered in … Read More

Engagement and Involvement at all Levels of the Company to Reduce Risks

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Huntsmans Quarries Health and Safety Success

By comparison to other types of business, quarrying is high-risk. The nature of the work and the machines involved mean health and safety is a major priority for most quarrying businesses. This includes Huntsmans Quarries, a Gloucestershire-based business with around 40 employees. Huntsmans Quarries’ story is one that all SMEs can learn from. This is because it did not take … Read More

Creating the Right Health and Safety Culture at Board Level

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Celebrating health and safety success with Berkeley Homes

If you ask any health and safety manager, they will say it is impossible to develop a truly effective health and safety culture in an organisation if you don’t have board-level participation. Participation is very different from buy-in where the board agrees to put in place a health and safety policy and then delegates all responsibility. Boards need to go … Read More

The Business Value of Health and Safety

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The business value of health and safety

We often see, quite naturally, businesses trying to justify the return they expect from their investment in health and safety products. With our own product, e-permits, it’s often based on time saving and other efficiencies arising from the replacement of paper systems. The safety benefits have to be supported by an ROI. A totally different approach has been taken by … Read More

How e.surv Changed their Culture to Protect Remote/Lone Workers

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Celebrating health and safety success with e.surv

If you are in the property market, you will probably have come across e-surv. It conducts property surveys for mortgage lenders, house buyers, and others. Due to the nature of its work, 400 of its 700 employees are remote workers. Almost all of those remote workers operate alone. In addition, their job entails visiting multiple new locations every day, plus … Read More

How Wessex Water Used Dynamic Risk Assessments

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Using dynamic risk assessments to improve health and safety

This is the second in our series of posts focused on health and safety successes and illustrates the use of dynamic risk assessments to safeguard workers working remotely in small teams. It’s common for companies to introduce significant health and safety initiatives because of a negative event – a major accident, for example, or a critical report. It is unusual, … Read More

Safety Should Never Be A Priority…

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Alcoa Case Study

…it should be a pre-condition for organisational behaviour. So said Paul O’Neill, former CEO and Chairman of Alcoa (1987-99). It’s a quote that neatly tied together many of the threads on e-permits insights over the past year – from how to improve the health and safety culture of your organisation to the somewhat offbeat “What’s the ROI of Your Mother?” … Read More

British Sugar – Health & Safety Refined

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British Sugar Logo

In the last few posts we’ve explored the role of corporate governance in health and safety and explored the impact this has on work related stress as well as the abnormalities of higher employee fatality rates compared with contractors. In the last post we delved into the health and safety related corporate governance of Sainsbury’s. In our experience companies with … Read More

Sainsbury’s – From Audit to Improved Health and Safety Leadership

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There are many examples of bad health and safety practice in the UK – you don’t have to search far in local or national news publications to find them. What about good examples, though? One that stands out is Sainsbury’s. We first mentioned this case study in our review of corporate governance back in July and it’s worth discussing in … Read More