Asbestos In UK Schools – The Hidden Threat

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Asbestos in UK Schools - An Infographic

The equivalent of 10 jumbo jets full of people die every year in Great Britain from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. It is tempting to think that this is the sad legacy of our previous ignorance of asbestos and its deadly nature and that, over time, the death toll will fall. However, that’s not necessarily the reality. As we pointed out in our last post, a combination of ignorance, head in the sand, and willful neglect continue to expose our employees and contractors to asbestos.

That post also touched on the UK Government’s February 2017 asbestos survey of schools which highlighted the general lack of awareness of, and capability to deal with, the asbestos present in the vast majority of our schools. Not only are workers and contractors exposed, but so too are teachers and children. Your children. As we continue to research the problem and develop preventative solutions, we come across valuable information developed by third-parties that we want to share. In this case by the Asbestos Advice Helpline which shockingly depicts the real and present danger to our children as they go to the schools we believe to be safe havens.

If 10 jumbo jets really did crash over the skies of Great Britain every year, you would think twice before putting your kids on board… Help us eradicate the deadly effects of asbestos. Contact your MP and ask what is being done to protect children, teachers and workers at your school, share this post, or subscribe at the bottom to stay informed of developments and solutions.

Infographic By Asbestos Advice Helpline

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4 Comments on “Asbestos In UK Schools – The Hidden Threat”

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