Consumer Trends, Trust and the Risk to Safety Outcomes

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Does Trust Correlate with Safety Performance for Workers

Back in September 2020 we asked whether trust correlates with safety performance. That is, do countries with higher levels of trust have better safety performance than countries with lower trust levels? Is there correlation? If so, is there causation? What we showed was the trust data across 10 European countries and their corresponding standardised incidence rates which indicated correlation between … Read More

Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Digitalisation Success

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overcoming barriers to success

Digitisation. Digitalisation. Digital transformation. Three terms. Often used interchangeably. Yet very different. Let’s clarify the terms first before moving on to the benefits and then the barriers that need to be overcome for success. Digitisation simply means the conversion of analog to digital. A piece of paper to a Word document. A paper permit-to-work to an electronic copy. Digitalisation, however, is … Read More