Working at Height – Greater Urgency Needed

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For anyone working in health and safety or with an interest in accidents caused by falls from height, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) annual report on workplace fatalities makes for depressing reading. Depressing in terms of the results and the fact they are so predictable given the category “falls from height” consistently tops the table in fatal accident causes. … Read More

ISO 45001 – Where Are We in 2021?

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Alcumus ISOQAR ISO 45001 Certification Seal

The benefits of high-quality and effective operational health and safety management are clear. At the top of that list of benefits is the protection of workers, but there are important commercial benefits too. They include preventing the business interruption that can occur as a result of health and safety incidents, as well as protecting the reputation of your business. Maintaining … Read More

What’s New in Health & Safety Technology?

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health and safety technology

Technology advances at a rapid pace, changing the way businesses operate. The field of health and safety is no different. So, what are the new technologies and technological trends that are impacting health and safety? The most obvious one is the increasing digitalisation of health and safety processes and systems, where those processes and systems move from being manual to … Read More