Contractor Compliance in 2020 – Needs Vision not Hindsight

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Contractor compliance 2020 - Needs vision not hingsight

Greg Markham, Technical Director of EMCOR UK described e-permits as, “The Best Way to Control Contractors that I’ve Ever Seen”. He further described the pros and cons of e-permits as follows: e-permits Pros Logical, easy to use and covers all aspects of Contractor Control. Places the onus on the Contractor to supply the necessary detail, but also on the controllers … Read More

The Stress Tsunami

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the stress tsunami

Since Christmas I’ve read two books: John Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and Andrew Yang’s ‘The War on Normal People’. Steinbeck tale of the Joad’s displacement from their 1930s dust bowl farm in Oklahoma and migration to the promised land of California is probably well known to the reader. That their displacement was caused by automation and greedy landowners/big business, … Read More

Aligning Health and Safety With Business Growth (Part 1 of 2)

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chart showing positive business growth

In our last post on the changing role of the Health and Safety Manager we posited that there is an ever increasing requirement for the H&S Manager to justify their existence and that the most enduring way to provide this justification is to align health and safety performance with the growth of the business. The alternatives to aligning with growth … Read More