2020 Health and Safety Webinar Series

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2020 Health and Safety Webinar Series

Following is the 2020 schedule for our ongoing series of health and safety webinars. Mark your calendars as appropriate. You can access/register for past/upcoming webinars via the left sidebar of this page.

12th March – Contractor Compliance, Needs Vision not Hindsight

As technology advancements and global political and macro-economic trends continue to impact the worker landscape, so we’re already seeing an increase in the numbers of self-employed together with the burgeoning gig economy.

Skill shortages will exacerbate the problem across most sectors with, for example, the Utilities sector forecast to have 221,000 vacancies by 2027. As a result, we should expect to see a dramatic rise in the numbers of (sub)contractors having to be integrated into our facilities management projects.

Further, ISO 45001 mandates that the extended supply chain adheres to the same safe working practices as employees.

This webinar explains how you can ensure contractor compliance without increasing (indeed while reducing) your own workload.

2nd April – It’s Global Asbestos Awareness Week: What Can You Do?

As part of Global Asbestos Awareness Week we reviewed how you can use e-permits to prevent exposure to asbestos while complying with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We also addressed questions from attendees relating to asbestos in buildings built post-2000 and where responsibility/liability lies.

28th April – Permit-to-Work from Home

As part of the activities around the World Day for Safety and Health at Work we looked at how e-permits supports the permit-to-work process without requiring all parties to be onsite.

September 10th – RAMS Compliance

Our Google Analytics statistics show that RAMS related queries are the single highest contributor for traffic to this site. In response to that we felt it time to focus a single webinar on the topic of RAMS compliance.

How do you ensure RAMS are in place today? In line with the law and your own internal regulations? How do you make sure they’re available to the competent person doing the work at the point of need?

If this is an issue for you today and you need to deliver increased control and compliance then please get in touch and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.

October 8th – Stress and the Health and Safety Manager

The stress tsunami is a phenomenon already impacting the global economy with human wellness now mainstream given the lifting of the taboo around mental health.

As part of Mental Health Awareness week we’ll be asking, “Who looks after the doctor?” You, the Health and Safety Manager? Who looks after you? Your role is changing dramatically but do you have the support to enable you to be successful? This webinar will investigate the changing role of the Health and Safety Manager and discuss the stresses faced and potential solutions.

November 19th – Worker Compliance

This webinar will focus on compliance factors such as Training, Competency, Insurance and Site Inductions. How can you manage those more efficiently without increasing your own workload? As an industry we track the causes of injuries and fatalities (working from height etc.) but the statistics don’t come with an asterisk to say:

  • did/did not complete site induction
  • did/did not have the required and up-to-date training
  • etc.

If we can automate compliance around these factors that will have a direct and positive impact on our injury and fatality rates.

Keep checking back for registration details on all of these webinars. If you would like to discuss any of these issues ahead of the webinar then please use our Contact form in the navigation above.

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