Why Keeping People Safe Improves Business Performance

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Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. Of course, it’s an on-going issue within society as well as the workplace so we thought we’d touch on stress here within the context of changing the health and safety culture within an organisation. And, yes, we’ll get to the reciprocity of safety and business performance. We’ve covered stress in the workplace extensively … Read More

Need to Talk to the Board? Read these suggestions first…

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how to conduct board level communications

In our eBook “Beyond Compliance: A Guide to Changing the Health and Safety Culture in Your Organisation” we devoted a chapter to getting C-suite/Board buy-in with 9 specific, practical and actionable tips on how to handle that communication. With the increased onus on senior management participation in health and safety mandated by ISO 45001, access to the Board should be … Read More

Health and Safety Culture – Own Your Communications

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Health and Safety Culture - Own Your Communications

Do you think we have enough information? Just about, right? Whatever topic you’re interested in there are a plethora of sources, some more legitimate/less fake/with less of an agenda than others. So, why has health and safety got such a bad rap? The post linked to was driven by comments from Andrew Sharman about, “an undercurrent of negativity around the … Read More