ISO 45001 and Contractor Management – What it Means to You

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ISO 45001 and Contractor Management

In our recent post ISO 45001 – A Marriage of Culture and Digitalisation we covered the major changes that will be required in achieving ISO 45001 certification versus the previous standard, OHSAS 18001. One of those changes is the extension of the moral and legal responsibility of an organisation to the whole supply chain and the expansion of the definition … Read More

2017/2018 Workplace Fatality Statistics – Plateau or Complacency?

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Workplace fatality statistics

The HSE have published their provisional statistics for workplace fatal injuries 2018 (meaning 2017/18). They look much like the previous years, and the five or so years before that. There is a slight uptick in the fatality rate per 100,000 across all sectors from 0.43 in 2017 to 0.45 (provisional) in 2018 which equates to 144 fatalities versus the prior … Read More

How Health and Safety Innovations Can Reduce Mental Health Illnesses

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Let's talk about stress

At best, poor mental health is costing the UK economy the equivalent of 4% of GDP, or close to the annual spend on education. At worst, it’s killing us. As reported in the HSE provisional statistics for 2016/17, ‘work-related stress, depression or anxiety cases (new or longstanding)’ has now become the UK’s biggest work-related illness, overtaking musculoskeletal disorder cases. The … Read More