Asbestos – Out with the Old, and in with the (er) Old

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asbestos in the UK state of play January 2018

And so it continues. 2018 has begun with three high profile stories on exposing employees and contractors to asbestos fibres and the associated seeming disregard for safety. Firstly, SSE Hornsea Ltd were fined £300K after 13 employees and contractors were exposed to asbestos fibres after 3 of them performed routine mechanical maintenance on a compressed air distribution system. HSE Inspector … Read More

Getting C-Suite and Board Level Buy-In (Culture Series Part 3 of 6)

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How to change the health and safety culture in your organisation (part 3 of 6)

Welcome to the third of six posts providing practical and actionable steps to improve the health and safety culture in your organisation. This post focuses on how to get board level buy-in and, more than that, to provide the leadership needed to dramatically impact culture. All of these posts are sampled from our free eBook: Beyond Compliance: A Guide to … Read More

Safety Should Never Be A Priority…

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Alcoa Case Study

…it should be a pre-condition for organisational behaviour. So said Paul O’Neill, former CEO and Chairman of Alcoa (1987-99). It’s a quote that neatly tied together many of the threads on e-permits insights over the past year – from how to improve the health and safety culture of your organisation to the somewhat offbeat “What’s the ROI of Your Mother?” … Read More

Mental Health – You Own It! Or Do You?

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Mental Health: You Own It, Or Do You?

2017 saw the publication of Thriving at work: The Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers and, with it, the staggering estimate that the annual cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole in the UK is between £74B and £99B. That’s more than £1,200 per capita, around 4% of GDP, twice the spend on defence and … Read More